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Building a productive sales organization is crucial to a business’s financial health. At the same time, today’s sales teams face challenges that are unprecedented in recent history.

In fact 69% of sales professionals say that their job is harder than ever.

To hit revenue goals, sales leaders need to increase their reps’ productivity so they can spend more time focusing on customers and less time on tasks that don’t move business forward. This need is prompting leaders to seek out revenue-boosting strategies without adding headcount. The majority of customers now give their user experience the same weight as product quality in their buying decisions. By providing excellent user experiences at every stage of the sales cycle, companies have a greater opportunity to stand out among their competitors.

But sales reps alone can’t provide the fast, connected and customized customer journey that buyers demand. To thrive, organizations must provide the entire sales team — from account executives to managers — with the right tools, automation, and conversations they need to get more done with the resources they have.

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